Cardigan Sweater: Types and Basic Design Variations

Published: 23rd November 2011
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A cardigan sweater is simply thought as a sweater with buttons or a zipper at the front. It's contrasted to an ordinary sweater because there could either be a closed or an open front cardigan sweater. Never used alone, a cardigan sweater always carries a long sleeve, and is coupled with another section of clothing, meaning that it is actually intended to be worn in colder months. The adaptability of the cardigan sweater though enables it to be in design and trend no matter what season, and irrespective of whether it's worn formally or casually.

There are numerous designs and variations in a cardigan sweater based on the wearer’s preferences. Each one of these unique design symbolizes one kind of motif, or shall we say, “aura” that signifies that particular design in a manner that sets apart it from other designs.

Recognizing when to wear a particular kind of cardigan sweater is one area, but it is also essential for us to know and learn about these kinds initially. And thus, to present you a simple guideline of these styles and variations, we have outlined some of the widely used ones below:

American Rag Top Cardigan
This kind of cardigan is instantly acknowledged by its looseness, and also the associated type of wearing the cardigan sweater. The colors and patterns of an American rag top cardigan sweater may vary differently, but it nonetheless keeps that free, loose design. It will always be put on wide open (with the exception of a belted cardigan of the identical kind), and it is the most convenient, most comfortable, and one of the most identified design of a cardigan sweater.

Blend Ruffle Front Cardigan
In comparison to the American Rag Top, this type of cardigan suits a lot more to the body, and it is intended to shape to the contours of the one using it. One of the most notable attribute of the blend ruffle front cardigan sweater is the sophisticated, nearly flowerily ruffles that enhance both sides where the zipper or buttons is expected to be determined. Definitely not a cardigan sweater designed for men.

Ruffle Front Cardigan
Like the blend ruffle front cardigan, this sort of cardigan also offers sophisticated shapely designs on both sides. The primary difference though is that the style of the ruffle front cardigan can nearly be anything, from basic wavy lines to complicated and precise folds and curves. Again, men’s cardigan sweaters are far from this type of style.

Lucy Cardigan Sweater
Similar to a pullover sweater, this is one of many more straightforward types of cardigan sweaters in line with base style. It is similar to the American Rag Top in the sense that there are no complicated designs or folds. Unlike the American Rag Top though, this cardigan sweater is made to suit best to the body (not as much as a ruffle front though), and is primarily worn with all the buttons closed. It also seems that the Lucy cardigan sweater typically (not at all times) features rather simple monocolor (blue, red, or even black for instance) themes to its design. The intricacy of the style mostly originates from the way the fabric is knitted, much in the same way as other similarly made sweaters like a rose or a cable knit sweater.

Kensie Sweater
Kensie sweaters are described by their massive size compared to other kinds of sweaters, and also by the clothing store where the identity is derived. The cardigan variants are more or less similar, and they're usually differentiated from an American Rag Top cardigan sweater by its fabric (not color) design. Some monocolor Kensie sweaters might seem as though they are expanded variants of the Lucy cardigan sweater.

Romeo & Juliet Couture
The name alone delivers an intimate aura to this type of cardigan sweater. Termed after the clothing shop itself, the Romeo & Juliet couture cardigan sweater is not really officially classified as a kind of cardigan, nor do their items belong to one common category. The style of a Romeo & Juliet Couture cardigan sweater though still has one common element: almost all pallettes are likely to belong to any kind of variation of white, black, and brown. It is just like a Calvin Klein sweater in which the classification is actually specified to the producer of the product itself, not by its style.

Scoop Neck Three Quarter
Named after other generic types of clothing that reveal a similar attribute, this kind of cardigan sweater could be recognized quickly by the largely uncovered neck area, referred to as the “scoop neck”. The “three quarter” implies that the sleeve is rolled away a fourth of the distance from the wearer’s wrist. As it is identified by only both of these qualities, flexibility in style is practically countless. You may also freely wear this kind of cardigan sweater buttoned up or open according to your preference.

So there you have it, some of the most frequent kinds of cardigan sweaters based on design. Therefore the next time you see an interesting new cardigan sweater on sale with a rather intriguing cost, you would more or less understand what type that cardigan sweater or cable knit sweater it would be.

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